Why does it always rain on me?

Me: Should I bring my umbrella, Richard?

Him: Nah…

Sure enough, Treg’s Luck meant that by the time we reached our destination, it was drizzling. Thankfully, this being HK, the MTR (think Metro or Underground but better) was prepared for such a situation…

Ta-Dah! Umbrella vending machine – cute, right? Well it would have been cuter in the ice blue or the pink yet boyfriend was in charge of the purse strings and he wanted to assert his masculinity by opting for black. It comes in some pretty sleek packaging and even has a 180-day warranty (but to whom do you return it – the vending machine genie?!).

In fact, the whole design is quite nice – lightweight and with better than the usual Borrower-sized coverage that portable brollies usually offer. A cut above the desperate ‘It’s raining!’ impulse buy of umbrella avec giant 7-Eleven logo anyway and you don’t even have to communicate with a real live person. (I make a great hand model, right?)

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