The Peninsula Spa Five Elements LaStone Therapy treatment review – ‘cos you’re hot then you’re cold…

Peninsula Spa Hong Kong

Mention Tsim Sha Tsui to most of us jaded Hong Kongers and we’ll inevitably start to grumble: “Too many crowds… too many shops… too many Mainlanders!” However, if all our visits to TST were to begin with a visit to The Peninsula Spa, I’m pretty sure we’d be feeling much more zen about the neighbourhood.

I was recently invited to try The Peninsula Spa’s new Five Elements LaStone Therapy treatment… and it was the happiest I’ve felt about Tsim Sha Tsui in a long time.

Peninsula Spa Hong Kong Asian Tea Lounge

The Peninsula Hong Kong is something of an icon here and its spa is every bit as luxurious as you’d expect. Spread over the seventh and ninth floors of the hotel, it’s got a contemporary Chinese vibe to it with bamboo, marble and dark wood details – plus plenty of water features to appease those feng shui masters! My favourite area is the Asian Tea Relaxation Lounge (above), which is surrounded by cascades of glowing rushing water. Tranquillity and serenity rather than “Need a new watch, Madam?” are totally the words of the day here.

The Five Elements treatment is a collaboration with geo-thermal therapy experts LaStone – and yes, who knew geo-thermal therapy was a thing?! But a very good thing it is too, as the combination of both hot and cold stones results in a treatment that’s way more effective and penetrating than a simple massage hand job (teehee). All the stones used in the treatment correspond to different energies and elements, and are placed on, around and under various parts of your body; whilst I’m no fan of chat about “energetic connections”, I can tell you that it all felt absolutely divine.

Peninsula Spa Hong Kong LaStone Therapy

I was turning hot and cold faster than the Katy Perry song… and just like the summer where I was obsessed with repeating said song over and over again (forever immortalised by this article), I never wanted my Peninsula massage to end either. My therapist was a total pro at using these ultra soothing rolling stones to massage my tired limbs and aching muscles; one highlight was where she used a daintier stone to massage my face – the cool smooth texture combined with the switching temperatures was just the most deliciously relaxing sensation ever.

But end it had to… and for those of you also suffering from toddler-esque, “But I don’t WANT to go home!” feelings, you’re then guided up into the Relaxation Room – where I immediately snuggled up in the fairytale soft duvet and started snoozing again. The less sleepy amongst you might want to take advantage of the gorgeous harbour view, relaxing music, array of magazines and fridge full of fresh juices instead.

Peninsula Spa, Hong Kong.

The Five Elements LaStone Therapy treatment was without a doubt one of the best spa massages I’ve had in a long time – I left feeling lighter, de-stressed and far more relaxed than someone with dozens of deadlines staring at her should be! Of course, pampering these days comes at a pretty penny, so I’d recommend arriving early and leaving late to max out your Peninsula fun with their heat facilities and relaxation areas.

So if you thought finding an oasis of calm in TST was nigh on impossible, think again… Your new zen spot is but a few rolling stones away!

The Five Elements LaStone Therapy treatment costs $1600 for 90 minutes or $2000 for two hours

The Peninsula Spa, 7/F, The Peninsula Hong Kong, Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, +852 2696 6682

Note: this treatment was by invitation

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