Make-Up Miracles: Benefit High Beam review

We’ve been meaning to tell you about this product for years – ever since we bought it in our high-school years (…yes, that long ago) and it became firmly wedged as one of our make-up bag essentials. The 5th make-up miracle to be inducted in my Hall of Fame is Benefit’s High Beam.

We’re massive fans of cute and cult cosmetics brand Benefit anyway (their Get Bent eyeliner brush was our first make-up miracle, fact fans!) and High Beam has long been a favourite amongst make-up artists, stunning ‘slebs (count Kylie amongst its followers) and regular Joes like me and you. Why? ‘Cos it’s blooming fantastic, that’s why.

Benefit claim it’s ‘supermodel in a bottle’ and they’re almost right. High Beam is basically a pale pink shimmery highlighter that gives a radiant, dewy glow to all those who dab it on their faces. Since it’s only used sparingly on all places, one bottle will last for ages and it’s one of those products that goes on like a dream, is fairly difficult to mess up and looks great without looking too much. There are tons of other highlighters on the market, but for our money (and quids are not to be sniffed at), it’s the original and the best (we haven’t actually researched if it’s the original but meh).

Our top tips: use the applicator brush (handily located inside the bottle’s cap, like nail varnish) to dot High Beam along your cheekbones (smile in the mirror to find them!) and blend to bring out your cheekbones supermodel-stylee – tres flattering and tres naturel. Also, dab along under the arch of your brow (feel for the bone under your eyebrow) and in a circle around the outer edges of your eyes, blend and you will instantly, through some make-up miracle (see what we did there?!), look more awake. Which, if you get as many late nights as us, can only be a good thing.

It can also be used in a ridiculous amount of other places – mixed in with foundation for an all-over glow, used lightly as a very pretty eye-colour (dot just at the inner corner of the eye for a great look), on the cupid’s bow of the lip… In fact, it may be easier for us to tell you where not to use it, which is the forehead, the nose and the chin, all places that get shiny well enough without artificial help to draw further attention to them!

So welcome make-up miracle number five – and sorry that it’s so long overdue!

Originally posted at Teentoday.

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