Dessert of the Day: a helluva hot chocolate at Original Playground

original playground hong kong hot chocolate

Hot, strong, sweet and rich… Not only the ingredients to the best kinds of romantic heroes, but also to the best cups of hot chocolate!

Most of the hot chocolates here in Hong Kong are insipid little things – sad, unsexy cups of limp, cocoa-flavoured water. But that just makes it all the more noteworthy when a smoking hot version comes along, like the Belgian Sipping Chocolate at Original Playground.

original playground hong kong

original playground quarry bay hong kong

Quarry Bay is stuffed full of postage-stamp sized cafés, but Original Playground has to be one of the cutest. The space is narrow but long, with quirky bright décor that gives it a playful but homely vibe. I loved the crazy-paving style shelving on one wall and the funky little figurines scattered throughout; you feel like it’s a place that’s been created by individuals with love and fun, rather than a conglomerate with cash and gimlet eyes. The staff here are also really lovely, warm and friendly, which helps!

Like many of the cafés in Quarry Bay, its speciality is coffee – but as you may remember, Rach doesn’t drink coffee so doesn’t care two cocoa beans about that. There’s a small set lunch menu ideal for nearby office workers, plus some froyo dessert offerings (presumably a hangover from Hong Kong’s now sadly-departed craze for froyo, which robbed me of all but two of my beloved Crumbs – including the one in Quarry Bay).

original playground hong kong hot chocolates

But I’m all about the hot chocolate; Original Playground does a normal version too, but as soon as I spotted the mysterious “Belgian Sipping Chocolate” on the menu, I was taken. An intense chocolate love-in, this cup straddled the balance between sweet but not too sweet, rich but not too rich, and thick but not too thick – shagadelic stuff! It remains eminently, deliciously drinkable from first sip to last slurp. It’s the kind of hot chocolate you have longing, lust-worthy thoughts about at inappropriate moments… So obviously, it’s a total winner!

Also of note are Original Playground’s delicious Shaken Iced Teas, which come in a variety of fruity flavours perfect for hot and humid summer days where even chocoholics like me would struggle to get a cup of the hot stuff down. The flavours are a little more inventive than the ones at your average café chain; I’ve tried the Ginger Peach and found it happily refreshing, with a nice little gingery kick at the end.

original playground hk

So if you’re in the QB hood and need a heart-racing chocolate hit, make a play-date with the Belgian Sipping Chocolate at Original Playground!

Original Playground, Shop A03, A2 Hoi Wan Street, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong, +852 2562 3008

5 responses to “Dessert of the Day: a helluva hot chocolate at Original Playground

  1. Wish I could taste the coffee for you!

  2. Am SO going there with you next time!

  3. hi, rach! so i found your blog some time ago. i followed the way to your humble online abode when i ‘trailed after’ the link to a review of the clinique chubby sticks, that which had a photo of you trying out the orange-y tangerene lip colour. (i think it was on sephora’s instagram account, if you follow sephora) it looks so pretty on you!

    i really enjoy reading your posts! ah! it is brilliant!

    please excuse my fangirl-i-ness, but i really am just glad to see other eurasians rocking out their…eurasianness. ha-ha! 🙂 i myself am a mixture of stuff, with some of my recent ancestors hailing from europe, while the other side was from HK. im from the philippines. 🙂

    oh, and i would just like to ask, what kind of work do you do? cheers!

    • Hi Denise

      Wow – thanks for the love 🙂 So happy you found my blog and enjoy it!

      I actually haven’t seen that Instagram on Sephora… had a quick look through and can’t see it… would you mind sending me a link/screenshot if you can find it please? Would love to see!

      After quitting my full-time job earlier this year, I’m now a freelance writer and editor – you can see some previous examples of my work here:

      Hope you continue reading my blog and enjoying it – it always means so much to me to read lovely comments like this from my readers!

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