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Red Carpet Rundown: People’s Choice Awards 2011, Part III

The final part of my rundown of People’s Choice Awards 2011 fashions and finally… people I’ve heard of! Is it coincidence that they’re generally better-dressed? It is also coincidence that so few walked the red carpet, complete with the ‘People’s Choice’ shower curtains in the background?

Leighton Meester in Vionnet – My best-dressed at this event was Leighton Meester. But a few short months ago, Leighton would have been on the second list, a name that I saw continually cropping up on the fashion pages alongside Blake Lively but without me having a clue who she was. But I finally started watching Gossip Girl and Leighton is clearly the best thing about the show… and her dress sense ain’t too shabby either. Her style is generally a bit more interesting than Lively’s, a bit girlier and a lot more unpredictable. This dress is so unassumingly pretty, with a naïve handmade feel that made me tumble head over heels for it. I love the flattering ruched neckline, I love the gauzy quality of the grey over the subtle flash of the yellow, I love the appliquéd flowers, I love those peachy drop earring and I love Leighton’s stunning natural make-up, especially those smoky eyes. In short, total swoon.
Boyfriend says: Leighton has come straight from playgroup. Looks like there are food stains on that too too. [Suddenly, I don’t like this feature anymore…]

Kristen Stewart in Reem Acra – How awesome is this photo of Kristen Stewart? She looks like some blissed-out goddess, with nary a trace of the awkward teenager in sight. This gold sequin mini was an obvious choice for Stewart (can’t remember the last time she didn’t bring out the pins) but also, a more unusual choice as she tends to favour darker colours. It’s a total winner though – so glittery and gorgeous that it’s a real shame she denied it its red carpet moment. I love the subtlety of the nude satin back, which turns it from High Street to high fashion. It makes her look like the total star she is – and about time too. Embrace it, K. Stew!
Boyfriend says: A bit tranny-ish.

Taylor Swift in J. Mendel – Actually, the gold spangly number is more of a Taylor Swift thing. The former magpie of the red carpet (she could never resist anything shiny), Swift is finally branching out and discovering that amazing things happen when she does. After Minka and Leighton, this was my next favourite look from the awards. As the amazing Red Carpet Fashion Awards pointed out, there’s something very Rodarte inspired about this dainty blush gown – I’m gonna stick my head out and say it’s the slightly deconstructed nature to the delicate fabric. It fits in perfectly with the Black Swan ballerina fever (or should I call it bird flu?!) going round at the moment; Taylor’s even got a bit of a dancer’s pose going on too! But this is a signature look for her – sweet, innocent, demure – and she looks stunning.
Boyfriend says: I agree with the ballerina theme.

Katy Perry in Betsy Johnson – Imagine you asked your six year-old self what she would wear to the Oscars. You have this dress. Honestly, this shade of purple seems to do weird things to me where I lose all objectivity to any gown that features it (remember Sandra Bullock’s beloved Quality Street moment?) but this is sooooo pretty and girlie and just… gush… love. It’s all big flouncy skirt, lilac ruffles, veins of electric blue and Perry just looks like she loves wearing it. What’s more, the fuchsia peeptoes are amazing, as is the slash of bubblegum pink lipstick, as is the second pose. If Taylor Swift was butter-wouldn’t melt ballerina, then Perry is the ballerina butter-wouldn’t melt ballerina really wanted to be. My inner six year-old just did an excited hand-clappy dance.
Boyfriend says: Too much.

Jennifer Aniston in Dolce & Gabanna – Yes, most of us have been dying for Jennifer Aniston to step out of her style rut. But is this the look we were dreaming of? I highly doubt it. Women working menswear is meant to be an edgy cool look so I’m not entirely sure how Aniston has managed to make this look so safe, drab and 90s – the waistcoat looks like it was stolen from Chandler’s wardrobe on early Friends (or indeed, Penn Badgley and his never-ending parade of old man clothes on Gossip Girl). I don’t think it’s flattering, I don’t think it’s exciting and compared to every outfit I’ve featured (yes, even Tiffany Hines!), it’s just downright dull. That’s why I needed two pictures of Katy Perry – to plug the energy vortex Aniston had created! I’m sure Jen has a few more tricks up her sleeve, but this just ain’t it. Oh well. At least she looks better than she did in The Switch.
Boyfriend says: Just no.

Red Carpet Rundown: People’s Choice Awards 2011, Part II

For the second part of my coverage on the People’s Choice Awards 2011, the second tier of American starlets – those who I know of yet have little vested interest in. So rather than glorified clothes hangers… I’ll upgrade them to glorified clothes horses instead : )

Aly Michalka – I first knew of Aly from her Aly & AJ days, where their Potential Break-Up Song scaled the giddy heights of my Top 11 Singles Of 2007 but I was too consumed with the song’s greatness to pay much attention to the band behind it. Aly has since made the transition to acting and I’ve accidentally seen most of her CV, where she’s been entirely watchable in the likes of the underrated Bandslam, Easy A and now Hellcats. Contrary to what the producers of the latter show seem to think, I’m more concerned by the height of Michalka’s cartwheels than her ability to fight crime by producing a guitar. But onto this ensemble… true, it’s got the touch of the ho-bag about it and I don’t think it could scream sex more overtly if she was standing on a street corner. But it’s so sexy I think I kinda wanna bang her. It’s all about that Cindy Crawford beauty spot.
Boyfriend says: Michalka looks bangable, I agree.

Ashley Tisdale in Farah Angsana – I’m bunging the Tisdale in here as she’s yet another Disney alumni and is currently starring alongside Michalka in Hellcats. And yes, I did just address her using the definite article. For being so freakin’ fabulous as Sharpay in High School Musical, I will always have Tisdale’s back. But it sure is hard when she looks like this. Perhaps I could forgive the outrageous amounts of fake tan if she’d gone totally Sharpay with the rest of the look – spangly fluroscent pink mini etc – but instead, she’s gone floaty boho. Floaty boho just does not marry well with Ross from Friends tanning accident. As it is, floaty boho would barely have worked for a more normal-coloured Tisdale, as she’s too probably too short for a maxi and this one has some strange elephant tusks emerging around her middle. But she’ll always be The Tisdale to me.
Boyfriend says: Man, Tisdale looks rough.

Raven Symone – Like Michalka, Raven Symone is another former Disney star trying to find her way in the big bad world (the Tisdale, joy of joys, has a Sharpay movie coming out later this year!). On this evidence, the journey isn’t going too well. It looks like something Meatloaf would have worn in his wackier days. Although, dear God, I hope without a bra showing. Why on earth does she look so damn pleased with herself?
Boyfriend says: Raven is gross.

Kate Walsh in David Meister – I’m pretty sure I quite like Kate Walsh… well, I liked her character on Grey’s Anatomy, which is as good as, right? I also like that she’s unafraid to show up in public places without any make-up on and look bizarrely happy about the situation. And I also quite like this dress. Although it’s got a bit of the 80s puffball prom dress about it, you gotta love royal blue on a redhead. Good on you Addison… errr… Kate, I mean.
Boyfriend says: You know Kate Walsh has her own show, right? [Yes]

Tiffany Hines in Falguni & Shane – From royal blue done good to royal blue done bad. Hines is currently appearing as the major irritant on Nikita, a show I watch mainly to see Maggie Q kick some serious ass. Hines’ best moment on the show has been having Maggie Q kick her ass in what has been their only scene together thus far, which tells you exactly how dispensable Hines’ character is to me. Perhaps she’s aware quite how much the fans are desperate to plot her downfall as everything about this outfit screams ‘Notice me, please!’ Sadly, for all the wrong reasons. Looking like a puppet from Fraggle Rock got lost in the rhinestone and fringing section of a store that sells outfits for dated country music performers. Hideous.
Boyfriend says: I dunno who Tiffany Hines is, but I will avoid her from now on.

Red Carpet Rundown: People’s Choice Awards 2011, Part I

Believe it or not, we’re already well on our way to 2011’s Oscars… meaning only one thing – red carpet dresses galore! One of my favourite things about the lesser tier of American awards shows is that I have absolutely no idea as to the identity of half of the pretty people in attendance. This means I don’t have to worry about whether I liked them in their last film, whether I rate their acting abilities or if their outfit fits (my impression of) their personality or red carpet style. Instead, I can appreciate them as glorified clothes hangers and feel all the better for it. So here’s a rundown of my favourite (and not so favourite looks) from 2011’s Peoples Choice Awards.

Minka Kelly in Vivienne Westwood – My (joint) favourite look from this year’s awards was Minka Kelly. Name like a Russian Bond girl, face like Leighton Meester’s older sister. As soon as I saw the flattering drapes of the neckline and the unusual rippled print, I knew it was a Vivienne Westwood. It’s a little more restrained than some of her designs, yet it’s totally gorgeous, fluttery feminine look. Minka (whoever she be) is working the tan and bronze palette with all the flirty confidence of a total pro. Scrumptious.

Virginia Williams in Oday Shakar – I’ve seen so many of these demure from the front, vixen from the back dresses (all-time winner: Kate Hudson) that you’d think I’d be bored of them by now. Yet Virginia’s ensemble proves otherwise. This frosty pink mini is just divine in a sexy but simple way and looks really sophisticated with her blonde high ponytail. It reminds me of a fresh fizzy flute of pink champage which, in my books, can only be a good thing.

Cassie Scerbo in Nicole Miller – This is just a Pucci print scarf wrapped several times round her body, right? Having re-watched Toy Story 3 last night, this looks just the sort of ensemble Ken would have tucked away in his wardrobe, as part of a set entitled ‘Let’s Get Groovy with Ken!’ (exclamation mark obligatory)… but in its proper place as an ascot/beach towel obviously. It’s just too short and too straight up-and-down shapeless to really have started life as a dress, though I bear Cassie Scerbo no ill will whatsoever. Her messy ponytail is a thing of delight and her surname looks like it might in handy for Scrabble one day.

AnnaLynne McCord in YSL – I do know that McCord is on 90210 but, of more importance, I know that the Fug Girls continually call her Drunkface. Hilarious as this is, I’m not even looking at her (at least tipsy-looking) face. I just adore the aquamarine blast of this sheath. Another super sexy but simple look.

Ashley Benson – Another American starlet from another teen show (Pretty Little Liars), alas without a Drunkface moniker to make her more easily identifiable. I really like the structure of this cocktail dress and I quite like the idea behind it – almost a Project Runway-style task to create an outfit from old business suits (I’ve never watched Project Runway so I’ll be disappointed if that’s not the sort of activity that ensues). In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to discover that, Apprentice Season 6 style, this frock was entirely fashioned from recycled ties. It reminds me of this Kristen Stewart ensemble, except Benson is obviously selling it with a lot more confidence and – major brownie points – a contrasting pop of scarlet lipstick and nail polish. And you all know how much I love nail polish…