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Red Carpet Rundown: Fergie

Oh to be an actor/musician. Double the awards shows, double the amount of dresses for the likes of me and you to pore over.

Elie Saab (left) – I’m afraid Fergie’s Golden Globes gown is a case of right dress, wrong person. My original line was that this cornflower-blue dreamboat of a dress is the stuff that little girls’ dreams are made of but one of my commenters outdid me by saying it would look better on a bridesmaid. She’s right. It is a gorgeous dress (I especially love the sparkly embellished waist) but I was hoping for a bit more glam-edge from one of pop’s resident loons. Maybe she should have accessorised it with the Crazy Frog BEP goggles. Either way, her monotone raven locks don’t really suit the Disney princess dress either, and nor do her massive basoomas, which are pushing up against the bodice so hard I’m worried they might pop. Now that really would be a walk down the red carpet worth watching.

Zuhair Murad (centre) – Fergie’s much more in her comfort zone at this pre-Grammy event. Instead of trying too hard to be something she’s not with the bridesmaid dress, she excels at displaying everything she’s got – namely a smoking hot body. At music shows, the old rule of either boobs or legs doesn’t hold – the more of both, the better. Fergie Ferg sure is working this silver mini; I’m not sure if the bandage style, robot-silver colour and lace inserts are just the right side of trashy or on the verge of tipping over but this is a definite case of right dress, right person.

Emilio Pucci (right) – I actually think that a slightly longer version of this Grammy’s dress could have worked a treat for the Golden Globes. It’s a smidgen more sophisticated than the Murad, the cobalt blue is striking and the flashy gold detail gives it the necessary touch of glitz. And Fergie’s body is still smoking. Job done. (Did you forget to hire a hairdresser though, Stacey? Why the same hair for all three shows?)

Favourite? – Lop off Fergie’s head and immense cleavage and the Elie Saab is perfect. Just not for her. The Pucci fits her image and attitude far better, without looking tacky. If you do show up at the Oscars, please remember you’re a quarter of one of the world’s biggest bands rather than the girl at the back hoping to catch the bouquet. Thanks.

Red Carpet Rundown: Lea Michele

Anyone that knows me will know that Glee is my kind of show and the fact that the lead character is called Rachel is clearly a sign that me and Glee were destined to be together (regular readers will soon discover I am big on “signs”). Lea Michele (Rachel) has deservedly become the breakout star and has been trotting the red carpets with as much enthusiasm as her character would undoubtedly show (alas, she’s not busted out any songs or dance moves yet… as far as we know…). We probably won’t be seeing her at the Oscars (buh-bye stars of the small screen) but I’m a big fan of all her red carpet looks.

Oscar de la Renta (far left) – The biggest award ceremony for her was The Golden Globes so lo and behold, here comes the biggest dress. And we really do mean big. A couple of people have likened it to a loo roll holder yet anyone that remembers Alesha Dixon’s get-up at 2009’s Baftas will know that this black feathery confection is just the right side of loo roll territory. It’s dramatic, romantic and a definite show-stopper (enough to make Rachel proud!), whilst the chic up-do keeps it looking elegant.

Catherine Malandrino (second left) – Next on the formality scale, the SAGs and this is actually my favourite dress of the awards season period. Colour? Stunning. Cut? Stunning. Style? Stunning. To be honest, I’d never really mourned the absence of emerald green on red carpets – until now. It’s suits Lea perfectly and the dress itself is so striking without resorting to the traditional pulls of cleavage (hello Mariah) or wacky (hello Chloe Sevigny). Simply gorgeous.

Romona Keveza (second right) – I suppose the Grammys are like the Oscars for musos (except they seem to have awards shows every other week… but still) but the dress code for rock stars is always a little bit edgier than in Hollywood. I think Lea’s done a decent job of trying to balance both these objectives with a shorter hemline, a more modern shape and a nod to the one-shoulder trend of the moment. It does kind of look like a stunted version of her Golden Globes dress but it’s cute and coquettish, flirty fun at its finest. We hope no ostriches were harmed in the making of these dresses.

Nuj Novakhett (far right) – The People’s Choice Awards saw Lea sport her freshest and youngest outfit of the lot with this vibrant red mini. And she should look fresh and young because, well, she is (even if she’s not as young as the character she plays in Glee) – nothing is worse than lamb dressed as mutton. There’s not really an awful lot else to say about the outfit other than it suits her down to a tee (the gold sandals are pretty too).

Favourite? – Surely you don’t need to ask…