Red Carpet Rundown: People’s Choice Awards 2011, Part I

Believe it or not, we’re already well on our way to 2011’s Oscars… meaning only one thing – red carpet dresses galore! One of my favourite things about the lesser tier of American awards shows is that I have absolutely no idea as to the identity of half of the pretty people in attendance. This means I don’t have to worry about whether I liked them in their last film, whether I rate their acting abilities or if their outfit fits (my impression of) their personality or red carpet style. Instead, I can appreciate them as glorified clothes hangers and feel all the better for it. So here’s a rundown of my favourite (and not so favourite looks) from 2011’s Peoples Choice Awards.

Minka Kelly in Vivienne Westwood – My (joint) favourite look from this year’s awards was Minka Kelly. Name like a Russian Bond girl, face like Leighton Meester’s older sister. As soon as I saw the flattering drapes of the neckline and the unusual rippled print, I knew it was a Vivienne Westwood. It’s a little more restrained than some of her designs, yet it’s totally gorgeous, fluttery feminine look. Minka (whoever she be) is working the tan and bronze palette with all the flirty confidence of a total pro. Scrumptious.

Virginia Williams in Oday Shakar – I’ve seen so many of these demure from the front, vixen from the back dresses (all-time winner: Kate Hudson) that you’d think I’d be bored of them by now. Yet Virginia’s ensemble proves otherwise. This frosty pink mini is just divine in a sexy but simple way and looks really sophisticated with her blonde high ponytail. It reminds me of a fresh fizzy flute of pink champage which, in my books, can only be a good thing.

Cassie Scerbo in Nicole Miller – This is just a Pucci print scarf wrapped several times round her body, right? Having re-watched Toy Story 3 last night, this looks just the sort of ensemble Ken would have tucked away in his wardrobe, as part of a set entitled ‘Let’s Get Groovy with Ken!’ (exclamation mark obligatory)… but in its proper place as an ascot/beach towel obviously. It’s just too short and too straight up-and-down shapeless to really have started life as a dress, though I bear Cassie Scerbo no ill will whatsoever. Her messy ponytail is a thing of delight and her surname looks like it might in handy for Scrabble one day.

AnnaLynne McCord in YSL – I do know that McCord is on 90210 but, of more importance, I know that the Fug Girls continually call her Drunkface. Hilarious as this is, I’m not even looking at her (at least tipsy-looking) face. I just adore the aquamarine blast of this sheath. Another super sexy but simple look.

Ashley Benson – Another American starlet from another teen show (Pretty Little Liars), alas without a Drunkface moniker to make her more easily identifiable. I really like the structure of this cocktail dress and I quite like the idea behind it – almost a Project Runway-style task to create an outfit from old business suits (I’ve never watched Project Runway so I’ll be disappointed if that’s not the sort of activity that ensues). In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to discover that, Apprentice Season 6 style, this frock was entirely fashioned from recycled ties. It reminds me of this Kristen Stewart ensemble, except Benson is obviously selling it with a lot more confidence and – major brownie points – a contrasting pop of scarlet lipstick and nail polish. And you all know how much I love nail polish…

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