Red Carpet Rundown: Drew Barrymore

From those who nailed their red carpet look, to those that failed. Drew Barrymore’s been sweeping the boards with her performance in made-for-television movie Grey Gardens, yet the only awards these outfits will be getting are the ‘worst dressed’ ones.

Atelier Versace (left) – It’s frustrating because her Golden Globes dress is almost nice. However, remove all the awful elements from it – that’s the colour that makes her look naked despite the very visible bra, the slight case of VPL and the strange fungus-like growths sprouting from her hip and shoulder – and the only thing it has left going for it is the nice subtle shimmer.

Monique Lhullier (right) – Sadly, her SAGs dress is not even almost nice. It’s a full-on monstrosity. It looks like a lampshade… no wait, as if that wasn’t bad enough, it looks like two lampshades. Is the bottom part made of denim?! I’m not usually a make-up Nazi for the red carpet (who cares what colour eye shadow they’re wearing? Unless they’ve got it very wrong, you really shouldn’t be squinting at a patch of skin about an inch big) but this nude look is so wrong. Call Missing Persons, Drew’s lips have disappeared. On top of everything else, her hair is a mess; I can just about believe that the brassy shade of yellow and obvious roots are tricks of the light yet there is no explanation for the fact that it looks like it hasn’t seen a brush recently. Maybe it ran away with her lips.

Favourite? – The Versace is the less grotesque of the two. Hardly a ringing endorsement, though

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