Red Carpet Rundown: Anna Paquin

Talking stars of the small screen, True Blood starlet Anna Paquin started her career getting upstaged by ducklings in Fly Away Home (she was also the second youngest winner of the Best Supporting Actress Oscar but meh). Well, those days are long gone. Paquin plays Sookie Stackhouse on True Blood (warning: awful pun coming up); these dresses show she’s pretty stacked in real life too.

Stella McCartney (right) – Now this is a red carpet dress. Spangles, sparkles, sequins. And boobs. Anna’s been in the business for so long that it’s easy to forget she’s still only 27 and she’s previously been feted for her more intense, dramatic roles so it’s great to see her looking so youthful and exuberant – and nothing says fun quite like sequins, right? Perhaps it’s a little too low-cut, perhaps the slit wasn’t really necessary… hell, I’d rather she’d have hacked a few more inches from the bottom and gone the full Beyonce bootylicious hog. But the shoes DO NOT GO.

Alexander McQueen (left) – Anna opted for another Macca for her SAGs outfit and a few critics have said they felt the dress was too casual for the awards. These people are wrong. Please see earlier comments about Paquin looking young and fun – this dress is a beautiful breath of fresh air. The print is unusual and the colours are gorgeous, making her stand out on the red carpet for all the right reasons. OK, there’s a little too much cleavage going on but it’s not Mariah levels yet. And hey, shouldn’t she have worn these shoes with the McCartney?

Favourite? – McQueen. Me wants.

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